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Monday 9th July to Saturday 14th July


Fees include, tuition, site visits, course materials, dowsing rods, camping fees, 3 meals X 6 days, plus a meal at the beginning and end (Sunday evening July 9th to Sunday breakfast July 15th)...and a whole more...

Please read the terms and conditions below including the cancellation policy.
It is understood that you accept these conditions by your action of payment.

Full Payment




Early Bird

200 discount (14.81%)
limited number



Deposit & Later Payment

150 - Pay Now
Balance due of 1200 due by 15/4/18



Please contact us by email
If you would like to pay by another method or payment plan





Methods of Payment

Paypal account

    Online or by arrangement

Credit Card

    Credit card payments can be made via Paypal online

Other Payment methods

    If you need to pay by some other method or would like to apply for a concession.  or an instalment plan then you need to contact us directly by email to discuss your situation and requirements.




Concessions are available upon application for those who are financially challenged. If you wish to apply for a concession, then you will need to email us to discuss the circumstances. These arrangements need to be negotiated well in advance.



Meals and Camping

Camping sites are on first come, first serve basis. Email us if you need help with equipment. Meals are organic, vegan, gluten and dairy free and based on raw diet principles. Some accommodation can be made for different dietary needs. However it should be noted that this is a meat free site. Teas and coffees will be provided, All snacks or particular dietary needs are to be provided by the student. If you prefer to stay in a B&B, hotel etc. we suggest you make your enquiries and bookings early. We will endeavour to assist you with daily transport to and from site for international students, (from nearby accommodation).



Right of Attendance

Workshop numbers are limited. Enrollment is not guaranteed until full payment is made.

In the case of concessions and instalments, if they are not paid when due we reserve the right to cancel the enrolment.

We reserve the right to refuse enrolment, or withdraw enrolment to anybody at any time. If this occurs and payment has been made then it will be refunded in full or pro rata, deducting payment for workshop time already completed.



Cancellation policy

Cancellation more than 12 weeks prior to commencement of a workshop

    Full refund

Cancellation less than 12 weeks prior to commencement of a workshop

    Your payment less a 150 administation fee

Cancellation less than 8 weeks prior to commencement of a workshop

    Your payment less a 300 administation fee

Cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to commencement of a workshop

    No refund



You will be sent conformation of booking when we receive your payment. Full details for attending the course will be sent shortly before the course is conducted. Meanwhile contact us with any queries.

Facts and Questions



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