Category: Geopathic Stress

Beehive Location

Geopathic Stress and the Optimum Location of Beehives According to Geomancy by Dowsing the Earth Energy Landscape Locating a beehive directly over certain geomagnetic lines in the landscape has an immensely beneficial impact on the health of the colony. Dowsers have long observed that all insects including bees will naturally choose to live over earth…
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How to Do Earth Acupuncture

If you “sit with land” you’ll know all sorts of things. And in the knowing is growing. That’s really what Geomancy is. Furthering the relationship between the earth and us. There are many styles of Geomancy, including the Chinese version known as Feng Shui. Earth Acupuncture is a very useful skill for a geomancer or…
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