Jewels Rocka

Jewels Rocka

Jewels Rocka employs Geomantic traditions including Feng Shui from China, Spiritual Healing from the Philippines, Aboriginal Shamanism from the Australian outback, and is a healer and teacher of great knowledge and experience in metaphysical traditions from across the globe.
Proclaimed a Feng Shui Master (1999) by her teacher Wang Yude, Jewels has been practicing Feng Shui, Geomancy, Counselling, Astrology and Shiatsu for over 30 years in many parts of the world. She is well known for her sound, practical approach and her straightforward teaching style. Julie is a dynamic and gifted healer and teacher with a passion for her work and enormous insight to pass on.
Jewels has been involved in Feng Shui educational services, standards and curriculum development and is a Founder of the Feng Shui College of Melbourne and of Feng Shui Australia. She is a past President of the Feng Shui Society (Aust) and Chair of the Geomancy Group. For the last 20 years Jewels has been able to use her eclectic talents to develop Geomantic and Shamanic training programs at Land and Spirit and Geomancy Australia. She now divides her time between East Sussex in England and Victoria, Australia where she practices her global approach to healing and counselling.

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Jewels Rocka

Jewel’s geomantic specialties include:

Geomancy, literally meaning, “Earth Reading” takes account of the relationship between land and people – as with Feng Shui, reading the house and land and making the connections between the individual and their environment. Jewels helps her clients to understand the energetics of their space, their own patterns and needs, and then to clarify what they want to achieve. She recommends appropriate changes to the property that will manifest that end.  Her focus is on helping you, your property and your “Questing Soul” come into alignment to create a prosperous, fulfilling and happy life.


Sessions to resolve property matters; advice on purchasing and selling; house usage and furniture placement; garden, design work or whatever your geomantic issue.


Reading site energies in the land and house to understand residual patterns and their effect on occupants. Identifying energetic problems for transformation and enhancement of beneficial Qi.


Onsite Geomantic and Feng Shui surveys and clearings for homes and businesses. Consultation at the design stage of new-build or renovation projects, to ensure healthy earth energies and to introduce classical Feng Shui precepts into the design – bespoke for the client, for optimum Qi flow.


House Coaching, which is a service of life coaching, using the traditions of geomancy, feng shui, astrology and shamanic techniques for clarity, goal setting, life directions, relationship issues and light growing. Jewels’ focus is on health, prosperity and self development for occupants and their relationship with land and each other.


House cleansing for releasing troublesome ghosts, entities and vexatious energies. Jewels recharges sites for higher tone vibrations.


Rituals for clearing, celebrating, (hand fasting, namings, business openings) and personal purposes (breaking bonds, attachments) and more…

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