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Global Geomagnetic Grids

Global geomagnetic grids, of which there appears to be a good number, follow laws of symmetry and direction.   They are thought to arise from the earth’s magnetic field as a form of vertical, and sometimes horizontal, radiation.   Researchers have found on the lines changes in the earth’s magnetic field, the intensity of sferics, the electrical…
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Angel of the Light

White Light Protection

Using White Light Protection White light is often associated with purity, protection, and positive energy in various spiritual traditions and psychological practices. From ancient rituals to modern visualisation exercises, invoking the protective power of white light has been a common thread for those seeking safety, healing, and spiritual connection. If you are involved in any…
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Heaven and Earth, Ghosts and Churches

A nourishing environment comes from a harmonious balance of Heaven and Earth. If the earth energy is sick and unable to purify the environment it falls out of relationship with Heaven’s energy, then they clash or turn their backs on each other. It is just like saying; if the parents get on well together then…
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The Creation of Beech Hill Stone Circle

The design of Beech Hill Stone Circle as a sacred space involved the integration of a number of traditionally important factors, including landscape topography, geology, mountain and water dragon veins, underground water lines and domes, overground ley energy lines, global geomagnetic grid crossing points, sacred geometry and metrology, numerology, astronomical alignment, local mythology, intended usage, and serendipity.

Beehive Location

Geopathic Stress and the Optimum Location of Beehives According to Geomancy by Dowsing the Earth Energy Landscape Locating a beehive directly over certain geomagnetic lines in the landscape has an immensely beneficial impact on the health of the colony. Dowsers have long observed that all insects including bees will naturally choose to live over earth…
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Old Stein Fountain Brighton

HEALING THE COMMUNITY – The Fountain Concept

100 Healers Brighton Experiment Revisited – Saturday 21st March 2020 Places, like people, can become dis-eased.  In part, the aim of this second experiment is to reprove that the Fountain Concept works to aid community healing.   This free, easy concept gives people the power, no matter who or what their circumstances, to help the community…
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Leys may be defined as lines of energy running over-ground in straight lines, often reflected in the paths of ancient trackways and subsequently Roman roads, and in alignments of prehistoric and historic sacred sites in the landscape. In modern times they were first described by Alfred Watkins in his 1925 book ‘The Old Straight Track’.…
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Divining_Rod late 18th century

History of Geomancy – A Long Time Ago

THE PRACTICE OF GEOMANCY ‘GEOMANCY’ derives from the Greek words GE, earth, and MANTEIA, divination or prophecy. There has been an oracular divinatory tradition of geomancy in use for millennia across Arabia, Africa, Europe and Asia. In some cultures and periods of history the term geomancy has referred to a divinatory system whereby foretelling was…
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How to Do Earth Acupuncture

If you “sit with land” you’ll know all sorts of things. And in the knowing is growing. That’s really what Geomancy is. Furthering the relationship between the earth and us. There are many styles of Geomancy, including the Chinese version known as Feng Shui. Earth Acupuncture is a very useful skill for a geomancer or…
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Five Key Areas to Improve the Subtle Energy of your Home

Do you want your home environment to be as supportive as possible? Of course you do. But sometimes it’s really hard to know where to start. In an ideal world and all things being equal you’d have the perfect site, with the perfect house layout, beautiful and appropriate furniture, and a sweet nourishing energy that…
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