Geomancy Consultations, Zoom Sessions and Acupuncture Treatments

Richard and Jewels consult by appointment in Australia, United Kingdom and Europe. They are available for clinical work in Nutley, East Sussex.

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Geomantic consultations for homes, businesses and public spaces. We provide a full service, from healing sites with sick earth energies such as geopathic stress to house cleansing and design work.


By zoom or by telephone these one-off or ongoing consultations address your particular needs focusing on Geomancy projects, Feng Shui advice, remote dowsing, or quick clarity sessions to answer your questions.


Water dowsing to pinpoint the best site for sinking boreholes and wells, and finding leaks in lakes and pools.


Acupuncture, Cranio-sacral Therapy and QiGong Healing with Richard Creightmore.

Moonbeam Jewels and Richard

Consultations on your Site

Geomancy~Geopathic Stress~House Cleansing~Feng Shui

Every site is different and every client has differing needs. We come to your site to assess the energetics and opportunities for constructive change. Typically a consultation involves dowsing the earth energies, reading the natural and built form and assessing spirit and other disturbances. This may include directional and astrological considerations. We then apply remedial techniques for energy transformation and/or make suggestions for site improvements. These may include a variety of methods such as earth acupuncture, space clearing or other ritual works, and tangible suggestions regarding paths, furniture placement, house usage and so on. Depending on the scope of the work a consultation will take about 2 or 3 hours. More for large houses and estates. We are available for follow-up as required.

We offer services on site by arrangement for :–

Geomancy Readings
Earth Dowsing to identify harmful and beneficial influences
Geopathic Stress and distressed earth energies
Unhealthy sites and neighbourhood issues
Space Clearing and Spiritual Cleansing
Hauntings and Spirit Release
Feng Shui design
Site energetics 

Geomantic Site Work is Useful for :-

Where there are chronic health and medical issues
Neighbourhood discord
Haunted houses
Relationship and money troubles
New builds and renovations
Selling and buying property
Design work on green and brown sites
Understanding environmental energetics for tranformation work
Blessing Ceremonies

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A power pole in the driveway blocks Qi

Where lies the energy blockage? Sometimes it’s obvious! 

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By Zoom or Telephone

Geomancy~Feng Shui~Buying and Selling~House Coaching

With recent global events sessions via zoom or telephone have become very popular. Interestingly with uncomplicated access to online services, such as maps, google earth, agent listings and clients own photographic records, providing geomantic services online has never been easier.

We offer sessions by arrangement for :-

Geomantic and Feng Shui services
Clarity Sessions for homes, relationships and personal growth
Remote dowsing for property issues and geopsychic stress
Site appraisals for selling or buying properties
Advice on furniture placements, such as in bedroom and living rooms

Whats important

A zoom or telephone session is a great way to focus on what’s important

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Water Divining

Locating Water of Quality and Quantity for Boreholes

Water divining or water witching is an age-old practice. Dowsing for water suitable for boreholes requires a particular and exacting set of skills to be able to precisely pinpoint the correct place to drill. Usually we visit before the drilling company to find and mark the best borehole spot with suitable water quality, depth and flow-rate, that is accessible to a drilling rig and convenient for wiring and plumbing connections and usage. 

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Our clients include :-

All types of farms and small-holdings
Golf courses
Amusement parks

Water dowsing in Scotland 1950

These chaps pictured in 1950 in Strome, Scotland are dowsing for water using a forked branch. The orginal film footage is held at the National Library of Scotland where you can see a full description.

Drilling rig

Nicholls Boreholes drilling rig off to drill for water

A water strike

Yay! Nicholls Boreholes strikes water

Beech Hill Holistic Medical Practice

Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Healing

Richard Creightmore is a highly regarded healer working with patients who have a broad spectrum of issues. He treats all ages and conditions specialising in chronic pain and deep seated issues .

Personal Sessions in Clinic by appointment

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Oriental Medicine
Qigong Healing

Beech Hill Surgery 

The clinic is located in a wonderful rural setting on Ashdown Forest, just on the edge of the village of Nutley, East Sussex.  A beautiful serene place to come for your treatment … and never any parking stress.

Beech Hill location

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Beech Hill Clinic
Beech Hill Surgery
The big old oak