Zoom Consultations


A lot can be achieved through a zoom consultation, especially if you email us some photos, videos, floorplans or maps.  Send as much information as you like ahead of the session allowing us time to acquaint ourselves with the space beforehand.
Have a think about what you would like to achieve by having a consultation. This might include working on trouble spots, upcoming garden or house projects, buying/selling or general life areas you would like to address through your relationship to your environment.


Email us
~ The names and relationships of all people living with you. Or for business situations just send the details of the main players. 
~ Date and place of birth of occupants – if you want to look into the astrological relationship of the occupants to the house. 
~ Your address so that we can find you on Google Maps and Google Earth. 
~ Links to estate agent’s websites if you are selling or buying.
~ Any links you feel relevant – such as furniture you’re thinking of buying.


Email us
~ Photos from different aspects, especially capturing any area where you would like to focus.
~ Floorplans if you have them – even a rough sketch can be helpful for some consultations.
~ A vitual tour can be useful. Simply do a walk through of your house, garden or the area you want to work on while filming with your smart phone. Try to move slowly and capture all angles. You can narrate the video as you go if you wish. Film on low-res to limit the file size, as you will need to email this file.


Find a private place to have your zoom consultation. It’s better if you can use a desktop, laptop computer  or even tablet for the session with a smart phone being a poorer option. Make sure you feel comfortable to talk freely and can minimise interuptions. A typical session will last an hour though we suggest you allow 1.5 hours for a first session or a large project you want to discuss.   We have found longer sessions than this are not fruitful as there is often too much information to assimilate properly. It is far better to come back another time to address things not covered or ongoing concerns.


A general introduction and orientation
Questions back and forwards for clarity and “tuning in”
Reference to shared graphic materials
Suggestions to address your presenting issues
Discussion of underlying energies
Discussion of occupants and their relation to the environment
Mini tutorials on relevant geomantic principles
Guided meditations to focus and heal troubled earth or other incarnate energies
Suggestions for rituals and ongoing practices to heal and enhance


After the consultation take your time to digest and evalute what has been covered and what sugestions or practices sit well with you and can be intergrated into your life. 


 Just the focus you have given to your project will shift energy but for fast or even steady growth there needs to be nurture and movement. Remember there is knowing and there is doing. Without action the changes you seek will be imperceptible.

Make changes
Seek postive outcomes
Enhance your relationship to your environment
….and yourself

Generally speaking any changes you make to your space will manifest in better fortunes within a two-week time period. For improvements in relationships and health it can take 6 to 12 weeks.


You will receive an email with payment details after your session. We appreciate if you can settle up within 7 days. You can pay by paypal (and therefore credit card if you wish) or direct bank deposit – our preference.


We are available after your session by email for quick questions arising from the consultation. 

Many clients like to check in with us on zoom on a regular basis and when they have new projects.

Though we recommend allowing at least an hour for a first consultion, follow ups can be any length as required, such as for a particular question, a house appraisal if looking to buy or a quick clarity session. All zoom consultations are charged on a pro rata fee basis.

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