Monday, July 12th till Saturday, July 17th, 2021

Geomancy Intensive 2021

Bookings open soon

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The light at the centre

Join us for a life changing,
Geomancy Intensive

This Residential Workshop

Includes Six-Days of Intense Training,

Food and Camping

in Ashdown Forest in East Sussex amidst the magic of
Beech Hill Stone Circle

with Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka

Monday, July 12th till Saturday, July 17th, 2021

(Registration starts Sunday afternoon on July 11th)

Jewels and Richard at Beech Hill Stone Circle

This program offers an immersive experience into the shamanic and magical arts of Geomancy. You will gain the knowledge and skills to work in relationship with the subtle nature of the earth and its allies. You will learn to create healing, nurturing and prosperous homes, businesses and sacred spaces.

The focus of these six days will be Earth Energies, Site Energetics, Geopathic Stress, Earth Acupuncture and Geopsychic Stress contextualised within a Ritual and Magical framework.

As you delve into this important work you will feel empowered, transformed and alive. You will learn to communicate with the subtle realms, explore the mysterious underground energies, dowse and heal geopathic stress, walk with dragons and nature spirits, and gain mastery in spirit rescue, ritual work and crafting as it relates to geomantic practice.

Subjects covered in this six-day packed journey into the transformative practices of Geomancy include

 The Geomantic Mantle: An historical and contemporary perspective of Geomancy including context and definitions; stages and states of Geomantic consciousness; the Tao of Geomancy; practices and techniques; the geomantic mantle, boundaries and responsibilities.

Protection and Transformation: Psychic protection with a focus on dowsing and Geomantic work; shielding; banishing.

Spirit of Place: Communication with the Genius Loci

Site Energetics: Reading the macro and micro environment including analysis of Qi qualities in the built and natural form; yin and yang and human endeavour; “the Big Nine”; Form Survey.

Reading the bones: Divination for Geomancy.

Earth Dowsing Skills: Learning to dowse including styles and protocols; equipment and maintenance; chart and map dowsing.

Earth Energies: Qualities and differentiation examining sources, categorisation and nature; power centres and sacred sites; identifying portals; ley lines; underground streams; blind springs; global grids.

Geopathic Stress: Exploring Chinese and Western perspectives on earth pathologies; underground water, mineral deposits, geological faults, radon gas; neutralising techniques.

Earth Acupuncture and Remedial Techniques: Using earth acupuncture for transforming information fields, points, needling techniques, crystals, talismans and other remedies; permanent needles and cairns, their placement and tuning.

Technopathic Stress: An introduction in the hazards of various contemporary technologies.

Design of Sacred Space: An introduction in sacred space theory with a focus on Stone Circle design; labyrinth theory and construction.

Earth Reading: Understanding the story of the land and the elemental nature, associations and uses as a remedial focus.

Omens in Geomantic Practice: The relevance of various omens, analysis and interpretation.

Geopsychic Stress: An introduction into various etheric and astral phenomena and their Geomantic significance including the identification and release of earthbound human ghosts; understanding different spirit manifestations; communicating and dialoguing in spirit work; removing curses; imprints; portals

 Tree and Nature Spirits: An introduction to working with nature spirit and dryads; healing pathologies.

Wands: Working with dryads and wands with a focus on earth acupuncture. Being gifted a wand.

Ritual and Healing: Geomantic ritual uses and occasions; smudging; consecration; crafting.

Space Clearing: The theory and practice of creating ‘sweet’ space using ritual form.

Geomantic Protocol: Guidelines for working a site.

 Site and practical work

This residential program runs from 9:30 am Monday until late on Saturday and includes all camping fees and all meals. Students can set up camp from Sunday afternoon with tat down being Sunday morning. Just as the label says it is an intensive experience of Geomancy.

The Geomancy Intensive is suitable for

  • Those attracted to working with and improving the quality of earthly living and the subtle realms.
  • Beginners to Geomancy with an interest in the earth based magical and ritual modalities.
  • Those wishing to practice for with friends or clients.
  • Practitioners of healing therapies aware that their patients are living in compromised environment energies
  • People practising allied modalities wishes to broaden their skill set
  • Those happy to embark on a full program including day and night classes

Booking will be open soon

Our program has strictly limited places and sells out well ahead of time every year. We only offer this workshop once a year.

Do register your interest!

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