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Facts & Questions

Where are the Geomancy Workshops held?

We are at Beech Hill on Ashdown Forest. You can find more detail here. We are about an hour by train from London via either East Grinstead or Haywards Heath railway stations. We are about 40 mins from Gatwick Airport.

Can I bring my partner/child/dog/cat/next door neighbour?

No. Please don’t ask if you can bring your dog, child or interested friend, unless they want to enrol as a student.

What equipment do I need?

If you have dowsing rods bring them along, otherwise we can sell you some or lend you some for the class. Bring writing materials. Bring shoes suitable for walking in the field and clothes appropriate to the season.

Can I film/ record the class?

We ask that you don’t record the class and respect that all the information is copyright to us and not reusable for any commercial purposes. 

What can I do when I finish the course?

You will have skills for working on the earth energies at your home or for clients. If you decide to work as a Geomancer professionally, it is recommended that you seek further training and take out Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What concessions are available?

At this stage we are discounting 40%  for the online “Earth Energy Dowsing” course for those students who are undertaking the hands on workshop. 

How do I register?

Register online and pay through the “Stripe” payment platform, including debit and credit cards. If you have a special payment request then you can email us. 

Light Refreshments?

We provide snacks and teas, coffee, cow, sheep and plant milks. You will need to supply any special dietary requirements. We are a meat free site by preference. The local shops are a drive away and are limited in their food offering so it is best that you plan to bring your lunch with you, (or just snack on the food provided).

Do let us know if you need more information


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