Geomancy Intensive Subjects

What’s Covered in the
Geomancy Intensive

Over six days we take you through the basics of Geomantic practice. We particularly focus on Earth Energies, Site Energetics, Geopathic Stress, Earth Acupuncture and Geopsychic Stress contextualised within a Ritual and Magical framework. The information below will give you an idea of what’s included in the program.

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A overview and insight into Geomantic history, development and practices; land and client relationships; protection and best practices

An historical and contemporary perspective of Geomancy as a global healing tradition
Context and definitions
Development, stages and states of Geomantic consciousness; Tao of Geomancy
Models and protocols for engaging with “country”, “spirit” and “place”
Practcial, ethical and etheric boundaries
Client/Occupant based geomantic relationships
Protection for dowsing and geomantic practices


A thorough grounding in the theory and practice of dowsing the earth’s subtle energies

The theory and practice of dowsing the earth’s subtle energies through discussion, demonstrations and practical dowsing exercises, we will explore the nature and scope of the dowsable Earth energy lines
Qualities and differentiation examining sources, categorisation and nature of earth energies
Power centres and sacred sites
Identifying portals
Ley lines, energy leys and tri-fold lines
Water divining: primary & secondary underground streams and blind springs
The Hartmann grid, Curry grid, and other global geomagnetic grids
Dowsable sacred geometries in the built and natural environment and working with the Earth Spirits


Understanding the energetics of the natural & built environment and its relationship with human endeavour and wellbeing

Drawing on the principles of Feng Shui, which is one of the most complete Geomantic systems still documented and practiced, you will learn how to apply this knowledge to contemporary concerns – we can enhance the quality of Qi (energy) available and avoid the harmful effects of bad energy. We can learn models to describe, analyse and predict patterns of energy that effect our environments, relationships and individual destinies
Understanding and exploring energies in the built and natural environment
Working with balance and harmonious forms to gather energies
Dispelling negative influences
Curing less than perfect sites
Balancing energies – The Nine Big Ones
Reading and Surveying a site
A village walk, seeing form in the environment


Detecting and Healing Earth Energies with Earth Acupuncture

We will examine in detail the nature, causes, types, signs, and medical and social symptoms of geopathic stress, and introduce a range of techniques to neutralise or heal disturbed earth energies
Geopathic stress from Chinese and Western geomantic perspectives
Demonstration & experience of ‘black’/‘sha’ underground water streams through direct perception, field dowsing, and muscle testing
Ley-lines, global grids, mineral deposits, geological faults and radon gas
Discussion, demonstration and practice of geopathic stress neutralising techniques – avoidance, shielding, curing
Finding earth acupuncture points; needling techniques
Wands, crystals, talismans and other traditional and contemporary remedies
Introduction to electro-magnetic pollution and technopathic stress
Introduction to Sick Building Syndrome


Earth and Spirit work –  An introduction into various etheric and astral phenomena and their Geomantic significance including Releasing Ghosts, Entities, Imprints and Curses

In conjunction with the Geopathic Stress teaching, this subject develops your abilities to identify and clear sites of geopsychic stress
Protection protocols for spirit work
Communication with the “Spirit of Place” – engaging with “country” and “spirit”
The identification and release of earthbound human ghosts
Understanding different spirit manifestations, human and non-human entities
Communicating and dialoguing in spirit work
Removing curses, demons and other entities
Place memory, psychic boundaries, pathways of intention, lines of connection and portals


Creating rituals to heal, transform and manifest

Bringing in shamanic practices for enhancement of Geomantic work. We will learn to create “Earth Magic” style rituals as used in practice on sites.
Use and theory of ritual form
Shamanic postures
Brews, potions and magical items
Assortment of handy rituals for the Geomancer, including tuning, tying, sealing, raising and consecrating
The use and placement of Spirit Houses
Theory and Practice of Space Clearing
Practical and ritual steps for cleansing the site and removing predecessor energy
Using ritual form, timing, herbs and oils
Creating “sweet” space.
Space clearing protocol checklist
Site work performing space clearing ritual


Engaging with the elemental and nature spirit realms is intrinsic to working with the land

An introduction to dryads
Profound meetings with trees
Site visit to the Buxted yew
The gift of a wand
The power of dialoguing with Elementals
Identifying and healing traumatised and displaced Elemental Spirits


An introduction ito the art of designing and constructing Sacred Spaces for meditation, communion and healing

Intertwining precepts behind the design of sacred space, we will examine design themes common to many of the world’s sacred sites and geomantic traditions, with reference to standing stones, stone circles, medicine wheels, labyrinths; churches, temples, mosques, shrines; tombs, barrows and graves. We will explore the practical applications of these principles to the location and design of sacred spaces for private and public uses
Earth energy configurations, the role of dowsable earth energies in the location of sacred sites – ley lines, song lines, global geomagnetic grids, underground water lines and blind springs, portals, geological formations
Archaeo-astronomy, the role of astronomical alignments in design
The precepts of sacred geometry, and their role in the design of a range of the world’s religious structures and sacred sites – the 5 sacred ratios, squaring the circle
Metrology, sacred proportion, use of the megalithic yard
The role of the omphalos, landscape goddesses, and simulacra, zodiacs, chorographies, chakra systems, creation myths, cosmologies
Numerology, the four and eight directions, element wheels, magic squares, the neolithic count, precepts of Zen garden design
Theory and practice of labyrinth construction
Creating sacred spaces for healing and living

The above content is an example of subjects included in the program.
From time to time we may substitute or re-program the content as necessary.

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