HEALING THE COMMUNITY – The Fountain Concept

Old Stein Fountain Brighton

100 Healers Brighton Experiment Revisited – Saturday 21st March 2020

Places, like people, can become dis-eased.  In part, the aim of this second experiment is to reprove that the Fountain Concept works to aid community healing.   This free, easy concept gives people the power, no matter who or what their circumstances, to help the community in which they live.


On St Michael’s Day 29th September 1981 the dowser and healer Colin Bloy instigated a gathering of over 100 healers around the Old Steine fountain in Brighton, and guided the group in a meditation to direct white light symbolised as Pure Love through the fountain, to spread healing from this focal point outwards through the earth energy network into the community.

The Old Steine fountain was chosen by dowsing as the ‘hara’ or omphalos of Brighton, on a crossing of two major leys through the town, and with stones from the original stone circle on the site built into in the base of the Victorian fountain.

Victoria Fountain Old Steine Brighton 1850
Victoria Fountain was constructed by Eagle Foundry and designed by William Pepper (1806–1887) and Amon Henry Wilds (1784/1790–1857) https://www.artuk.org/discover/artworks/victoria-fountain-245744

The main N-S ley running through the fountain and up the Level had initially dowsed as about 20 yards wide and containing three streams each containing 64 bands, but even as a few people had begun to think about the idea earlier in the year the line had started to expand.

The intentions within the meditation, prayer and visualisation included a reduction in the disease of weekend violence, for which Brighton was notorious; a reduction in stress and improved public health; and a better quality of life for the community, including more civic awareness, more effective social services, less litter, fewer road accidents, less violent crime, a more courteous and loving society, and increased spiritual awareness (with unspecified gains).

After this initial ceremony, the dowsers in the group checked again to see if anything had happened, and discovered to their delight and amazement the number of bands in the leys had multiplied 2,400 times. Thus a group of people had gathered together to direct healing energy through one particular geomantic focal point, and then discovered that something palpable had happened that was actually measureable by dowsing changes to the earth energies.

At the same time a series of dowsable squares about 2 yards each side appeared and eventually formed into a chequerboard pattern, just as appears around individuals when healers have given them initial healing. This pattern spread from the Level first to embrace Brighton and Hove, and later up the A23 corridor towards London.

Colin’s surprised conclusion at the time was that the “patient” – the world’s ley energy system, with its connection to human consciousness – had been on its last legs, and what had been thought to be a vital main energy line was then little more than a vestigial memory.  Regular reinforcement by further meditations would obviously be beneficial.

During the following weeks and months the healing energy gradually built up and spread throughout the town, and beyond. Indeed, the effects were startling – recorded crime rates decreased, and an increase in people’s sense of wellbeing was recorded by residents and visitors alike.

Thus the Fountain Group was born, soon to become Fountain International as the idea spread world-wide as local groups focussed their healing intentions through their own local community focal points, typically memorials, market crosses, and iconic local landmarks – ‘to promote the natural healing of people and communities through the use of Spiritual and Earth energies’.

Fountain International Stone
This plaque was laid to commermorate the founding of the Fountain International in 1981.

Details of that experiment and the results can be found in a free booklet “Introduction to Fountain International,” on the Fountain International website.

The 100 Healers Brighton Experiment was revisited by Fountain International and the Indigo Umbrella for the spring equinox Saturday 21st March, and the call for meditation, prayer and healing went out once again, to focus pure love through the Old Steine fountain and thence via the earth energies throughout the world, for community peace and healing with a special focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications.

Following is Richard’s report

Dowsing Report – Richard Creightmore – 22-03-20

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions on movement, I was the only dowser to be physically present at the Old Steine fountain for the pre-dowse at 11am-12noon on Monday 16th March, and again before and after the meditation 2.30pm-4.30pm on Saturday 21st March. I await any data from any dowsers tuning in remotely during the event, meanwhile here are
my findings for your interest.

Pre-dowse – 11am-12noon on Monday 16th March 2020

Because of the possibility of people even thinking about the meditation before-hand starting to change things, I visited the fountain 5 days before for a first pre-dowse. I decided to look for several different measures of health around the fountain:-

1. Subjective visual and psychic evaluation around the fountain and adjacent park: The water fountain was not working, with scaffolding across it to the centre and fencing all round it, with a sign proclaiming that it was fenced off for renovation, though no sign of recent activity. Only one of the eight park benches that historically surround and face the fountain was present, with one broken wooden slat. Some litter, an aura of mild shabbiness and neglect in the park, only one person sitting in the park during my visit despite a dry sunny day, and no bird life to be seen.

2. The Old Steine fountain is crossed by two leys: one (E-W) running broadly east-south- east – west-north-west, parallel to and slightly north of Marine Parade, and passing through the Friends Meeting House on Ship Street, where the meditation had been planned to take place before it became a remote-healing-only exercise. Dowsing the two outer edge-lines and measuring with flags and tape-measure yielded a width to the ley as it crossed the park of exactly 85 feet, slightly wider than the monument itself.

The other ley (N-S) runs broadly south-south-west – north-north-east, just to the west of and nearly parallel to the Palace Pier, and through St Peter’s Church on the Level and then the western edge of Hollingbury hillfort. This ley dowsed and measured width of exactly 150 feet.

Leys crossing at the Old Steine Brighton
Figure 1. E-W and N-S (broadly speaking) Leys crossing at the Old Steine in Brighton

3. In addition to the two outer-edge lines, each of these leys dowsed as being composed (as I always find) of three more intense streams: a straight ‘spirit’; mid-line, around which wind a pair of ‘male’ and ‘female’ currents. For both leys these twin serpentine currents crossed their mid-lines at the centre of the fountain. Following an original protocol of Colin Bloy, I dowsed for the number of bands in each of these streams and got the following readings:
The E-W ley male, female and central mid-line currents each contained 32 bands. In addition, the outer-edge lines both contained 24 bands. The N-S ley male, female and central mid-line currents each contained 58 bands. The outer- edge lines both contained 26 bands.

East/west Ley running through Victoria Fountain
Figure 2. The E-W ley showing the male (red), female (blue) and mid-line (white) currents
Ley running through Victoria Fountain
Figure 3. The N-S ley showing the male (red), female (blue) and mid-line (white) currents (diagrams more-or-less accurate and to scale)

4. Following an original protocol of Hamish Miller, I dowsed all the way around the fountain for ‘geometric’ radial lines. (I find these to be of a subtler nature than earth energy currents such as leys and underground water veins, and generally associated with sacred sites and past or present ceremonial practice.) I found 56 radials around the fountain, at not-quite
regular intervals all the way around.

5. Associated with these subtler geometric radials can be observed a series of related concentric circles emanating from the same centre-point. I dowsed for these and discovered 5 concentric rings, increasingly wide apart and the outermost extending about 200 feet from the centre of the fountain to the far side of the road around the square.

2nd Pre-dowse – 2.30pm-3pm on Saturday 21st March

1. Subjective evaluation: nothing appeared to have changed since the Monday visit except that there were six or so people sat here and there around the park chatting, similar weather perhaps slightly less cold, and several pigeons pecking hopefully around the park. 2, 3, 4, and 5. All the other dimensions and measures were exactly the same as on Monday’s visit.

During the meditation 3.30pm-4pm

1. I held vigil at the fountain during the meditation and observed this: at exactly 3.30pm the atmosphere around the fountain lifted dramatically and began pulsing intently with waves of white (to my eyes) light, as a vertical dimension opened up from below ground to the sky through and around the fountain. At 3.33 there was a sudden aerial commotion as a dozen or so seagulls wheeled noisily above the fountain three times, then some veered away inland and several landed to perch in various places on the fountain, including right at the top, where they stayed on and off for the next half-hour. Several more pigeons also arrived, and by about 3.40 the entire park felt to be filling with peace, love and healing. Soon after this seemed to have reached its maximum around the fountain and the healing energy started moving along the leys to light up ley- rossing nodes all around Brighton, then Britain, and then all around the globe.

After-dowse – 4pm-4.45pm

1. At exactly 4pm the energy pulses seemed to dwindle to nothing, leaving a sustained high energy field and palpable sense of well-being in the area.

2. There had been no change to the physical width of either ley, which remained stable at 85 feet; (E-W) and 150 feet; (N-S) respectively.

3. There was also no change to the widths of the three internal currents within each ley. These latter did however show changes to the number of bands of which each was composed: the male, female and central mid-line of the E-W ley (which had contained 32 bands each) now dowsed as comprising 60 bands each. The male, female and central mid-line of the N-S ley (which had contained 58 bands each) now dowsed as comprising 75 bands each. The number of bands in each outer-edge line had also changed, (from 24 and 26 bands respectively before), to zero in each case.

It makes complete sense to me that after the meditation there were no bands left dowsable in the edge-lines, though my own confirmation bias could of course have been a factor here. I have always found that if an earth-energy line – be it an underground stream, ley, or Hartmann, Curry or other geomagnetic grid line – is registering geopathic stress, then the outer-edge lines seem to hold the majority of the stressful charge.

Traditionally among dowsers of geopathic stress it is held that tumours or other physical lesions will generally grow on the edge-line crossing points of stressed water lines under the bed, according to the patient’s usual sleeping position; similarly if a ley is running stressed then the edge-lines are experienced as particularly uncomfortable or medically dangerous.

Once healing has been brought to bear on the geopathic stress lines then the edge-lines fade to barely dowsable or discernible. Thus it appears that in the instance of outer-edge lines the number of bands
dowsed represents a negative strength.

4. The number of geometric radials emanating out from the centre of the fountain saw a dramatic increase after the meditation, having increased (from 56) to a total of 180. 5. The number of concentric circles emanating out from the centre of the fountain also saw a dramatic increase (from 5) to a total of 33, the furthest reaching about 1700 feet out i.e. two-
thirds of the way out along Palace Pier.

Circles of energy before and after meditation
Figure 4 – Concentric circles: Inner ring shows the outermost of 5 circles before the meditation; Outer ring shows the outermost of 33 circles after the meditation.


The meditation generated significant increases to the number of dowsable bands in the male, female and mid-line currents of both leys passing through the Old Steine fountain.

The meditation also decreased to zero the number of dowsable bands in the geopathic stress- holding outer-edge lines of both leys.

There was no change to the overall width of either ley.

The meditation also dramatically increased the number of dowsable geometric radial lines emanating from the centre of the fountain, as well as the number and outward spread of dowsable geometric concentric circles.

I propose to revisit later in the year when possible to measure again and see how many of these changes have held – no doubt regular spiritual reinforcement by further similar visualisation meditations will be helpful.

Fountain Type Meditation

Visualise yourself under a dome of golden energy…
Feel yourself drawing up silver energy from the Earth, through your feet,
Up your legs and into your chest, and place this energy in your own heart centre…
Feel the bond of love between the Earth and yourself…
Then begin to draw down the white light of Cosmic Love from the spiritual realms, through the top of
Your head, down your neck, into your chest and place it, too, in your heart centre…
Allow these two energies to mix and blend…
Slowly the combined energies expand and fill the whole of your being…
It fills you with pure love, light, harmony and joy…
Accept any of this energy which you may need to make yourself whole…
Then visualise this field of love expanding out into the room, filling the building
And spilling out onto the street…
When you feel that the time is right, visualise yourself sending this energy to
Your focal point, cleansing it and filling it with unconditional love…
See the focal point sparkling and buzzing with energy…
See this energy then pouring from your focal point, flowing into the earth around it
And flowing throughout the community…
See it radiating Pure Love and Light to all, uplifting everything within this energy field…

Suzanne Thomas
Fountain International

Old Steine Fountain Brighton
Victoria Fountain located in Old Steine Gardens Brighton