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The Later Heaven Sequence

The Wen Wang Bagua is derived from the Lo Shu

In Feng Shui the sequence is used for internal arrangements and correspondences and generally for the house of the living (Yang Zhai)

loshutortoiseTHE LO SHUloshu

It is said that the Lo Shu map was revealed to Wen Wang, in about 2205 BC.,  as a diagram inscribed on the back of a tortoise which came up out of the river Lo.  




The Lo Shu Square

The Lo Shu Square or diagram is known as the magic square of Saturn in the western occult tradition, and the shape of the numerical progression as the sigil of Saturn in Kabbalist tradition.

The rows of numbers all add up to 15.

The sequence of the Lo Shu numbers is such that the elements control each other in the Ko cycle in pendular motion across the centre, and generate each other in the Sheng cycle in circular motion around the periphery.

The Lo Shu diagram forms the basis for the Wen Wang Ba Gua. 





Practical Application

The Wen Wang or Later Heaven Bagua has a more practical application to the strategically important Earth Qi. The nine chambers provide an ascription of trigrams to each of the rooms of a house or temple built on the traditional square plan, with the central courtyard not associated with a specific trigram. They also provide indications of the best rooms of a house for specific purposes.

Domestic Activities

Following the Later Heaven Ba Gua, ideal room usage in the eight sectors of a house can be considered:-

Kan - north: kitchen, laundry.

Gen - north-east: library, meditation room.

Zhen - east: music room.

Xun - south-east: study.

Li - south: sitting-room.

Kun - south-west: dining-room.

Dui - west: playroom.

Qian - north-west: therapy room.

Commercial Activities

Similarly, ideal usage of areas in a commercial or industrial context can be suggested.

Kan - north:  Change of direction, circular motion.
Rotation, drills, lathes, stationary engines, machines and mechanical engineering.

Gen - north-east:  No change, barriers.
Immobility, gates, security, storage of perishables or valuables, safes, strong-rooms.

Zhen - east:  Change of place, linear movement.
Roads, transport, speed, distribution, dispatch, production line processes which involve cumulative change.

Xun - south-east:  Change of form, continuity.
Slow pain-staking processes, routine work, change effected while stationary.

Li - south:  Change of substance, fire.
Chemical and industrial processes using heat, furnaces, kilns, ovens, electricity generation.

Kun - south-west:  Biological change, nourishment.
Seed germination, laboratory culture growth, all biological processes, staff canteen, staff welfare area.

Dui - west:  Psychological change, reflections.
Entertainment, recreation, maintenance of musical instruments, scientific instrument calibration, delicate measurement.

Qian - north-west:  Creative change, strength.
Initiative processes, design, management, leadership.

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