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The increasingly widespread possibility of exposure to man-made electrical and electro-magnetic stresses can have great repercussions on the health of an individual. Any cable carrying electric current generates a magnetic field. If the current is strong enough and the patient’s exposure to the generated magnetic field is of sufficient duration, first the subtle polarity balances and flows within that patient’s etheric and bio-energetic fields become affected, and later changes in the cellular regulating mechanisms arise of a similar nature to those found in conditions of natural geopathic stress.

Electric power systems work at around 50hz,  just above the naturally occurring frequency of 30hz generated by the Earth.  Our bodies are tuned in to this low frequency so any frequency close to this is going to interfere with us, such as the 50hz Ac mains power system used in the UK. ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) electromagnetic fields vibrating from  0.5 to 100hz,  even if they are weaker than the Earth's field, interfere with the cues that keep our biological cycles properly timed. Chronic stress and impaired disease resistance results.

The frequencies that ELF AC systems use are very close to the natural brain rhythms of cerebrate creatures such as man. The pineal gland is the principal structure in the brain that is directly sensitive to the earth's magnetic field. As a result it functions abnormally when exposed to abnormal fields close to its own. Because the pineal gland produces a host of psychoactive chemicals (such as melatonin, dopamine, serotonin and others) its abnormal functioning can cause neurological and behavioural problems.

In 1990 the United States Environmental Protection Agency stated "In conclusion, after an examination of the available data over the past 15 years,  there is evidence of a positive association of exposure to magnetic fields with certain site-specific cancer, namely leukaemia, cancer of the central nervous system, and to a lesser extent, lymphomas”. This is supported by many studies of children and adults across many different populations and sub-groups.
Electro-magnetic waves are known to cause changes in enzymes, hormones, and blood sugar levels, heating of the skin and its nerve endings, and with more protracted exposure the coagulation of protein cells. These effects are amplified where a person is wearing metal objects, in the form of rings, zips, spectacles, hearing aids, buckles, watches, jewellery, or metal teeth fillings. These metals produce secondary resonances within the bio-energetic field whenever one is in contact with anything electrical (AC or DC), or with electro magnetic radiation - for example household electrical equipment, cars, computers, fluorescent lighting, telephone switchboards; T.V.s, radios, V.D.U.s, microwave transmitters or ovens; and high voltage transformers, transmission cables and pylons.

There are also electro-magnetic resonances coming into one’s house or office via the electricity, telephone, water and gas mains, while an electrical ring-main effectively insulates a house within its own electro-magnetic field in a similar but coarser fashion to the operation of a stone circle.

Symptoms associated with prolonged exposure to high voltage electrical fields are well illustrated by the inhabitants of Fishpond, Dorset, a village ringed by pylons, cables and transformers:- depression, headaches, poor sleep and waking unrefreshed, fatigue, tension, frustration and other mood changes and a lowered birth-rate.

Symptoms of over-exposure to microwave radiations are well illustrated by the inhabitants of the Greenham Women’s Peace Camp in Berkshire in the 1980s: - sore throats, headaches, ear pains, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, migraines, double vision, menstrual disturbances, difficulty thinking and communicating, and other behavioural and emotional disturbances. The long term effects of microwave exposure include leukaemia, cancers, birth defects, and personality imbalances.

Users of mobile phones are not only cooking their own brains and increasing the probability of brain tumours, but also affecting the brains of all those in their immediate environments. Children are particularly susceptible to these harmful effects.



Electro-magnetic disturbances are also associated with mercury toxicity via the oral galvanic current that arises between tooth fillings. Here one finds C.N.S., cardiac, renal and intestinal symptoms related to mercury toxicity in addition to unwanted influences upon the oral microsystem of acupuncture points and reflex zones around the roots of the teeth.

Electrostatic disturbances may be associated with pure synthetic clothing fabrics, especially manifest as emotional hypertension and implicated in arthritis.

The military implications of the use of low-level low-frequency waves have been understood beyond the confines of the M.O.D. at Greenham, the most publicised case having been the Operation Woodpecker transmission of microwave signals from Russia to the Western world in the 1970s. These signals, oscillating at about 10 Hertz, were able to capture about 30% of exposed mammalian brains which are normally gently entrained by the 7.6 Hertz oscillations of the earth’s magnetic field. By adding frequency modulated patterns disease states are transmittable, as was suspected in the microwave irradiation of the American Embassy in Moscow in the early 1980s. With the use of such frequency-modulated patterns, psychotronic transmission of any information desired is possible, effectively using electro-magnetic waves as carriers of radionically- broadcasted signals. The implications and applications lie as much in the sphere of healing, as in Radionics, as in the sphere of military politics.

In addition to the dangers of direct exposure, electrical and electro-magnetic pollution can be transported by the underground water lines, and Stray Voltage in the ground particularly by the Hartmann global grid lines, to become a significant component of the local geopathic stress – leukaemias and lymphomas are particularly associated with this.




The earth's natural geomagnetic field is disturbed by the presence of metal:

The first geomagnetogram (G1) typically represents the values of the Earths normal geomagnetic field taken by Roy Riggs in a farmer's field near Poynings village. As you can see the magnetic contours of this bed size area (6’x4’) are very gentle and slightly undulating showing an overall geomagnetic anomaly of 582 nT (nano Tesla). It is rare to find a magnetic anomaly above any natural terrain higher than 2000 nT. Within our evolutionary history our bodies’ own magnetic field has integrated with this magnetic field, which is responsible for controlling amongst other things, circadian rhythms, mood changes and certain hormone production such as melatonin and serotonin.

The second geomagnetogram (G2) was taken above a sprung mattress from a lady suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and severe depression, and has a magnetic anomaly of 22,435.4 nT. The high spike to the right of the graph has been artificially produced by the bed being placed near to a radiator. The sprung mattresses Roy has measured so far over the past two years have had magnetic anomalies between 4,000 and 61,000 nT. The reason for these abnormally high magnetic abnormalities is a result of the bed springs intensifying the magnetic flux of these fields, made worse by the interaction of high magnetic fields around the bed and house from numerous electrical appliances, extension cables running under the bed and transformers placed near to the bed. Our forefathers sleeping on straw or feathered mattresses in houses devoid of any electrical fields or microwave energy would not have experienced such geomagnetic disturbances.

Each static magnetic field bump or sink on geomagnetogram (G2) may speed up or slow down body fluids (blood and lymphatic) in exposed areas such as the brain, heart, lung, liver, legs etc. Sleep time exposure to the same sharp variations of magnetic fields for years may induce some chronic health effect. The World Health Organization in a health criteria report recognizes interactions between variations in static magnetic fields in cellular tissues to include an induction of electrical potentials and magneto hydrodynamic effects in the circulatory systems and by direct stimulation of nerve and muscle cells even under extremely weak thresholds.




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