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Geological faults, underground caverns and natural mineral concentrations all exhibit effects similar to double positive grid crossings. They are all associated with geomagnetic anomalies and higher levels of radon gas.

Movements of the continental tectonic plates, which make up the outer crust of our planet, affect the Earth's energy field. As the plates move together, apart, or slide past each other , there is a great crushing, buckling or heaping up of material which results in discontinuities such as faults, thrusts, fractures and fissures, which may not be obvious at the surface These faults also occur on a smaller scale due to geological ‘creep’. The movements create more energy all the time and are especially large when earthquakes occur. The British Geological Society's Solid Geology Maps show most of these localized faults, which can be from a few yards to several miles long. Mounting pressure within these faults affects the electrical field of mineral deposits, especially quartz bearing rocks (piezoelectricity) and ironstone, and some sites will produce their own energy particularities, especially where they form an outlet for radon gas and other high particle energy.


The earth’s natural background radioactivity is concentrated along certain geological faults, mineral veins, and also water-bearing fissures.  Radioactive radon gas rises to the surface and emits harmful alpha radiation, which builds up to dangerous levels in poorly ventilated places such as buildings.

The ultimate source of radioactivity on earth is uranium-238, created from lighter atoms inside supernovae billions of years ago.  The uranium-238 atoms, with 146 neutrons,  are constantly reverting to more stable configurations with fewer neutrons by emitting an alpha particle from the nucleus quickly followed by two electrons.   Once they have started to decay, uranium-238 atoms produce a chain of ‘daughters’, including radium-226, the ‘parent’ of radon-222.

Geopathic stress theory is centrally concerned with radon-222, which has 86 protons, 136 neutrons, a half-life of 3.8 days, and decays to polonium-218 by shooting off an alpha particle, a process that may occur within our lungs. The newly formed polonium atoms quickly decay to

other ‘daughters’: as these decay each atom first ejects another alpha particle, and then a series of high-speed electrons, high-energy gamma rays and fast neutrons.

The alpha particles bombard cells directly; most gamma rays and fast neutrons pass right through our bodies though some score direct hits on atomic nuclei within us.

Since the mid 1980’s the US Environmental Protection Agency and the UK National Radiological Protection Board have conducted new national surveys of radon levels in houses.  Before the survey most specialists thought the problem was confined to small areas of uranium-rich rocks, such as granite.  The new surveys suggested that in one in eight American homes, people were breathing air dangerously contaminated by radon; in the UK, 90,000 homes contained air contaminated to a level of 200 becqerels per cubic metre or more and were therefore receiving yearly radiation doses of at least 10 millisieverts.  The current BNFL maximum permitted dose is 15 millisieverts per year; the NRPB’s work suggests that at least 100,000 British people receive more than this.

The accumulation of Radon gas is accentuated by inadequate ventilation in modern houses; the more so with underfloor service conduits, central heating, draught-proofing and double-glazing, causing the air pressure within the house to be slightly lower than outside.


(Diagrams from N.R.P.B.)

Radon: Remedies

Buildings should of course not be sited over geological faults. Where this has been done, the provision of adequate ventilation within a building is one answer to the problem.  This can be achieved by positive ventilation fans blowing air from the loft or outside into the house, to raise internal air pressure; by sealing floor boards and installing under-floor air bricks; or by installing a radon sump system to draw air from the soil beneath the house and redirect it outside. Building Regulations for new-build houses have been amended to ensure completely sealed floors by local authorities in areas of England exceeding the action level in the map below.

A geomantic cure for this situation, ideally in conjunction with permanent physical remedial action (i.e. building work), is to establish a pair of standing stones (or perhaps to co-opt garden statuary) on the centre of the fault line on either side of the building, to try to draw off the Sha to discharge through the stones, and thus establish a shielded area for the house.

The natural background radioactivity of the earth need not be feared per se for it is the very stuff of evolution.   The question is more one of appropriate dosage and personal adaptability, in conjunction with sensible siting of buildings.


Mineral deposits will generally exhibit geomagnetic disturbances similar in nature to geological faults. Other geomantic anomalies include portals, vortices, spirals, drains and interference lines, which can all be problematic in the wrong place.




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