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Modern understanding of Geopathic stress recognises a number of different sources.   Generally the most dangerous are the harmful underground water veins known to European dowsers as black streams, and to the Chinese as channels of underground Sha Qi. Also important are geological faults, radon gas, mineral deposits, ley line crossings, and global geomagnetic grid crossings.  Latterly, the entire spectrum of AC pulsed electromagnetic fields and industrial and medical ionising radiation sources have also to be considered, as well as microwave and radio wave transmissions, and DC field disruptions caused by metal objects.


As water flows through underground passages, fractures and fissures, it produces its own electromagnetic field, often high into microwave frequency. This field fluctuates depending on what is dissolved in it, how fast it is flowing, and whether it is interacting with any other type of earth energy. Interference with the earth’s natural energy field is particularly marked where these underground streams flow, and especially at the crossing points of two watercourses or other types of energy line. In a league table of radiation associated with biological damage, the outside edge lines of subterranean watercourses are at the very top, and they are found in association with many terminal and debilitating diseases.

A skilled dowser can easily detect this type of energy line. It can also be detected by a German analytical instrument developed by Dr. Ernst Hartmann and Dr. Dieter Ashcroft in Essen, which confirms this dowsable energy above subterranean water lines. The Genitron Felix-3, used in German universities and research institutes, detects ultra short and radio microwave frequencies and prints them out on a UKW- Spectrometer and Linedrawer.

The radiation rises vertically above the underground watercourses, and the deleterious effects are evident many stories up.  The adverse health effects may include deprivation of regenerating sleep resulting in arthritis, cancer, enhanced production of microbes encouraging mould and rot, degenerative diseases and rheumatism.   The molecules of moving underground water interact with the structure of the strata it is flowing through, producing a positive vertical electric field, a dc generated magnetic field, radio frequencies ranging from 87 - 101 MHz and ultra-short waves which are organized into narrow bands about 6-8 cm wide.  

Sha Streams

Sha streams can be defined as underground water veins that give off noxious radiations which can be harmful to life above them. They can be seen as earth meridians (Mai) whose flow has become stagnant or polluted, giving rise to Sha Qi.   This Sha Qi includes radon gas as well as subtler elements. 

Harmful radiation rises in a vertical plane from the underground stream to the earth’s surface and above. The stream may be anything from 1ft - 3000ft deep and from 1ft - 300ft wide (the widest corresponding to a major ley line).  The two edge lines and the centre line dowse as the strongest, sharpest Qi and are potentially the most dangerous places on the stream for habitual exposure. The edge lines are found to be more associated with physical diseases such as tumours, while the centre lines have more of an association with mental and psycho-spiritual disturbances. Where the underground water vein is a primary riser the edge lines are the more dangerous, while on the descending veins it is the centre line that is the strongest (and over which standing stones are sited in ancient British geomancy).

 The streams may display tributaries and convergences, and dowsable echoes parallel to the main stream.  They may display course changes, especially after earthquakes and droughts.  They are known to be stronger at midday, mid-summer, full moon, and during periods of heightened solar flare (sunspot) activity.  They are also known to be associated with higher levels of ionising radiation, and with lightning strikes and other atmospheric phenomena.

Sha Streams: Causes

A Sha stream is a sick Lung Mai or earth meridian.   There is a well-established link between Sha streams and traumas to the earth’s etheric web that have caused the flow of Qi to stagnate in the channels.  Typical examples of such traumas include the building of railway and motorway cuttings, tunnels and embankments, quarries and mines, and building foundations, especially those with steel footings.  Also implicated are heavy industry sites, power stations and electricity sub-stations, military bases, steel pilings, poles and road signs.   Old battlegrounds and historical sites of trauma such as witch-burnings and executions can also retain much Sha Qi, as sometimes can natural topography. 

On a subtler level, homes, shopping centres, airports and modern housing estates developed without any traditional foundation-stone laying ceremonies, without offerings made in good faith to the nature spirits whose land has been taken for development, will usually display signs of a traumatised Elemental life and stagnant Qi in the earth meridians.

Sha Streams: Remedies

There is much that can be done to ameliorate or remove Geopathic stress arising from disturbed underground water veins, and protocols can be divided into three types: avoiding, shielding and curative. 

‘Avoiding’ generally involves moving the bed away from the zones of disturbance, having identified them with dowsing rods or meters. This is the ideal short-term solution, however it is often not practical in a typical small house.

To shield a residence from the path and effects of a Sha stream, traditional Chinese devices include the building of a Dragon wall (a screen wall with an undulating ridge), the digging of a ditch or the burying of a protective talisman at an appropriate point on the path of the stream.  Modern Western methods include a layer of cork tiles or bath mats placed under the bed, the careful placing of crystals, bottles of salt, copper rods, coils and ankhs, or the installation of radionic devices such as the Spiral Of Tranquillity, and Raditech, Helios and Geomack machines, generally using Multi-Wave Oscillators or Radionics to establish a shielding field.  

Ideally the disturbed water line can be healed: to cure a Sha stream the Sha Qi has to be transformed into Sheng Qi by the practice of Earth Acupuncture.  This can be performed using wood, metal, stone or crystal “needles”, or other healing interventions, applied to the appropriate earth acupuncture points (Xue) for a variable time.  This could be a few seconds or a few hours, or could be a permanent placement according to the size and nature of the underground stream. The Sha streams are thus transformed into Sheng Qi streams.  With larger meridians, as with geological faults, a needle may need to be left in place permanently.

A wide range of other curative styles have been employed, from the application of flower and gem essences or symbols to selected points, through offerings and dialogue with local nature spirits and landscape angels, to ceremony, prayer, meditation and focussed visualisation and distant healing. These may be broadly classified under the heading of ‘Earth Acupuncture’ in as much as they all represent a therapeutic input to the local situation, gaining leverage to transform ill health via the focus through a specific point or points on the ground. What all these cures have in common is a therapeutic intention, often in a sacred ceremonial context.   Often the spirit world will need to be addressed directly, in Heaven as well as Underground.

Fire, in the form of candles, incense, moxa, sage or a ‘bon’-fire may also be employed - the old Beacon hills of Britain are moxibustion points in the landscape for the purification of the land.  They are fired at the appropriate moments in the cycle of the seasons - the fire festivals.

Permanent needles may take the form of sculptures and statues, standing stones, moving water features, or a specially planted tree.   A gravestone may be seen as a style of earth acupuncture needle, balancing the Yin Qi of the corpse with a Yang form to reunite the Qi of Heaven and Earth.   On a larger scale, pagodas, temples, churches and cathedrals all function as earth acupuncture needles to the same effect. Ringing the local church bells used to be traditional practice to ward off impending lightning strikes.

Traditional earth acupuncture techniques to promote the flow of Qi in a blocked meridian under a house will generally have an instantaneous effect in dispelling an associated accumulation of radon. Where the radon concentration derives from Sha streams the effect is usually permanent as long as the streams remain healthy and free-flowing.

If the causal traumas can be successfully released from the earth meridians, the cure should be permanent. However, especially in urban environments there is so much ongoing disturbance to the ground, not to mention electro- and other pollution inputs, that regular (perhaps yearly) check-ups and/or the installation of shielding devices in addition may be  desirable. Whilst it is laudable that in some parts of Europe a housing development is no longer permitted without having had a dowser first survey the land, this still begs the question of what geomantic disturbances the building construction may then cause.



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