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Heaven and Earth, Ghosts and Churches

A nourishing environment comes from a harmonious balance of Heaven and Earth. If the earth energy is sick and unable to purify the environment it falls out of relationship with Heaven’s energy, then they clash or turn their backs on each other. It is just like saying; if the parents get on well together then the child is more likely to have a nurturing childhood.

Depending on the geology and terrain, the dragon veins, the built forms, and activities in an area, geopathic stress and yin/yang imbalance can manifest on many levels. Serious problems can occur on the mundane level, like building problems, or in the psycho- spiritual, like hauntings and entity attacks. The following account deals with the energetics of a house in the South East of England and shows how there can be huge life disruptions as a result of sick earth meridians

Building a new house, the perfect feng shui designed house, on a large fancy estate in a posh part of town, was a dream come true for Thomas and Anna. They had arrived, so to speak, a step up in the housing market to suit their style and the growing needs of their 3 young children.

Thomas was particular about the house. He had many ideas and requirements. We are talking big house here, neo Georgian, with all modern accoutrements and their remote controllers. Natural stone terraces, spa baths, staff quarters, the lot.

Soon after moving in, after a nightmare building project where Murphy’s law reigned, Thomas moved out. He announced he had formed another attachment and was moving to Hong Kong.

So here is Anna sitting in a house, not particularly of her choosing, with three children, while all around her the house falls apart and the builders and architects are locked in dispute. The front fence has been rebuilt three times and now sits half finished, the house audio system won’t work, the beautiful flooring in the large formal drawing room is buckling, and the list goes. Thomas and Anna are in dispute, out of communication, like the audio system.

ghost in hatEverything is stuck, except that now Anna starts having nightly discarnate visitors in her bedroom, spooks swanning in and trying to put their hand up her nightie. The room becomes freezing and Anna chants the protections she has learnt that push creepy energies, tickling her ear, off to the periphery of her awareness.

Anna calls us in to see why all this is happening to her. We soon establish that the northwest sector of the house, where the front door and Anna’s bedroom is, sits on a major leyline - a long stream of energy that snakes itself across the countryside connecting many sacred sites. This ley is sick and full of vexatious energy, perhaps a reason for the hauntings. Looking along the ley from the top story the reasons become even clearer. About 150 metres from Anna’s house is an early 18th century church.

A visit to the church revealed a sad state where the church had lost its original grounds and graveyard to housing and was now hemmed in a most unceremonial way. Though the spire still reached high to Heaven, it was though it had lost its connection to Earth. The etheric energy, ghosts and other stuff, could not be processed smoothly and instead was venting down the dirty leyline and popping up in Anna’s bedroom, and probably elsewhere along route. The ability of the Earth to filter the dross was sorely tested, manifesting as such things as the buckled floor in Anna’s drawing room, the falling down fence, and deserting husband, all related to element of earth.

Heaven and Earth just weren’t embracing in the cosmic dance here. A church without grounds is symbolically Heaven without Earth and it has oft been said that the Christian church has a patriarchal leaning in this direction. Anna without Thomas leaves Earth without Heaven. What better place for all the overflow from the church than down to Anna’s place where the yang Heaven energy is being compromised, the yin Heaven vapours can slip in during the dark of night and hang at Anna’s.

Her badly aspected front door, sitting in the north west, a portent relating to Heaven, has this dirty earth meridian running through it; and to add insult to injury it is framed by two fiery cone - shaped plants (according to Chinese five element theory fire is in conflict with Heaven element, in the yang mundane aspects of life). Heaven is insulted. And round in the south west sector, an area relating to Earth and women, are two great ball - shaped plants sitting like a proud statement of their masculine symbolism, definitely related to Heaven Element. (According to five elements theory, Earth is drained by Heaven element). Earth has a headache. Nobody is embracing here.

A focused healing of some key points along the leyline using earth acupuncture techniques cleaned up the polluted earth meridian. The church was seen to plume vapour of dirty energy from its spire during this process, a phenomenon not uncommonly witnessed during earth acupuncture from the tip of a wand or needle. Anna had some success with her tradesmen after that and her nightly visitors didn’t return. As for the patriarchy of the church, it seems things are changing and evolving there anyway, but I don’t think Thomas will be back.



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