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Earth Acupuncture is a form of treatment used to heal earth that is showing signs of Geopathic or Geopsychic Stress. Much like performing acupuncture on a human, a point is identified by the Geomancer that will access or have leverage over the lines or phenomena being healed. At this point wands or sometimes metal rods are inserted into the earth in such a way as to “catch the Qi”. The Geomancer’s training then allows them to transform the energy using a variety of techniques.

Earth Acupuncture, Geopathic Stress and Feng Shui

Geopathic Stress (GS) and Earth Acupuncture have always been an integral if esoteric part of Feng Shui practice. Where the Feng Shui form of a building or landscape is poor, the effects of GS will be worse. Where a GS line runs across or through other key points in a property besides the bed, such as the front door, front gate, or centre of a house, the quality of Qi entering the property will be compromised and the whole building will suffer.

Where GS lines coincide with Compass School sectors, for example in a Ba Gua, Ba Zhai, Ming Gua or Fei Xing chart, the type of effect that the GS will provoke can be anticipated – it can deplete a good portent or activate a bad one. For example, in my own professional experience, every single bedroom surveyed belonging to a child who has died has suffered from medium to strong GS lines in conjunction with the Jue Ming (severed fate) Ba Zhai portent in their bedroom.

Earth Acupuncture Case Histories

Case History 1. Solsbury Hill, Bath.

Following the cutting of a by-pass, through the shoulder of Solsbury Hill, to the north-east of Bath in 1995, the city experienced a dramatic economic decline, with many shops and small businesses closing down.  The suburb of Larkhall had its first ever outbreak of burglary and vandalism. 


Solsbury Hill, near Bath.

Dowsing revealed that two major Dragon veins had been severed on their course from Solsbury Hill, through Larkhall, to Bath Abbey and the Circus respectively.   In May 1996 four sandstone Cairns were raised on either side of the road cutting, on the mid-lines of the earth meridians, aimed at restoring the flow of Qi across the road cutting.   Local feedback confirmed that Larkhall’s crime outbreak ended the following week as suddenly as it had started, and Bath’s economy had picked up within a month.

Case History 2. A dairy farm near Airdrie, Scotland.

The entire herd had been twice slaughtered in the previous two years as a result of brucellosis.   Fertility was very low with no female calves born.
Dowsing revealed four strong streams of Geopathic Stress passing through the steel-framed cattle barns (A).

At (B) a small GS stream, 3ft wide, passed directly through a calf pen in which a 3-week old calf was on death’s door, unable to stand or feed.  This was pointed out to the farmer who exclaimed that the last calf kept in that pen had died a few weeks before.   On carrying the calf into the next door pen, free of noxious earth radiation, it immediately drank a whole bucket of milk, and six months later was reported as completely healthy. The farmhouse (C) was haunted, and a son of the family mentally disturbed.   At (D) stood an almost dead oak tree, in a poorly-drained corner of the field.

Earth acupuncture was performed at the points marked for a total of four hours, and the problem traced to a quarry a couple of miles away. At a dramatic moment of energetic release at the end of this four-hour focus, the entire herd started mooing loudly, a chorus which they kept up for several hours.

Feedback the following year reported no more major health problems in the herd, and a big increase in fertility, with more females than males born.  The ghost in the farmhouse had gone, the farmer’s son was fine, the dying oak tree was now thriving, and the corner of the field in which it stood was even draining well.


 Farm near Airdrie, Scotland.


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