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Geopathic Stress

What is Geomancy?

Healing with Dragons - an introduction to medical feng shui

Heaven and Earth, Ghosts and Churches

Mirrors in Bedrooms

Stone Circle Building

Beehive Location

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy deals with subtle earth energies and their relationship with living a balanced, healthy and bountiful life. It is considered that enhancing these energies or “riding the dragon” will bring human endeavours into happy relationship with the “Spirit of Place”. This then ensures beneficial and nurturing energies for those involved.

When nurturing earthly energies harmonise with heavenly creative forces then life can flourish.

An artificial distinction between Feng Shui and Geomancy has arisen in some parts of the world. “Geomancy” means “divining the earth”. The theory and practice of feng shui in China has a lot in common with the theory and practice of geomancy in other traditions of the world.

 Dowsing and earth acupuncture are both traditions of the west and have much that is identical to feng shui. Feng Shui is Chinese Geomancy and earth acupuncture is advanced esoteric feng shui.
Geomancy includes 3 parts: -

      1. Dowsing of underground and surface energy meridians and the implementation of earth acupuncture to resolve geopathic stress.

      2. Design and placement within the visible world and the design of human environments according to common sense as well as subtle methods.

      3. Alignment with the time dimensions of astrology and astronomy.

As a therapeutic art, the goal of geomancy is to identify for clients their environmental problems and deal with them. These problems may relate to a client's health, relationships, social life or business luck. Problems are identified using a full range of feng shui precepts: noting what the client reports as the presenting issue, taking a case history, looking for tell-tale clues in vegetation such as ivy on the walls, noting the history of machines breaking down, the fabric of the building and noting the health of the client. The health - damaging effects of prolonged exposure to harmful types of earth radiation and geopathic stress is a common cause of disease.

The geomancer then focuses on resolving damaged or dangerous meridians (channels of earth energy). These meridians are located with direct observation and dowsing skills. The geomancer dowses with rods or a pendulum to find the destructive lines of earth energy and to find suitable earth acu-points to effect cure.

A variety of earth acupuncture styles are then used. These range from simple placement of wooden or crystal wands into carefully dowsed earth acupuncture points, to larger - scale ceremonial healing circles.

Geomancy also involves keeping sacred sites honoured. Practices will vary from Celtic traditions to druidic, wiccan or shamanic lore. There are a range of esoteric traditions practiced and a geomancer will find their own style and tools.

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